ACL knee surgery & injury recovery - By Curovate

Version: 3.3.2 - Alpha | Cost: In App Purchases

Level 3 - Condition Management
Country: CA
Category: Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation
Released: 20/08/2016
Updated: 29/05/2019
Version: 3.3.2 - Alpha
Size: 16mb
Developer: Curovate
Reviewed On: 02/10/2019
This App achieved an ORCHA score of 80%.

It was assessed as a Level 3 App. These apps can be focused on general health or supporting specific health conditions. They may collect data and they may have a number of more advanced features. Where they collect data we assess their data use policies and compliance with relevant standards. Because they are health focused we also assess their compliance in the Clinical Effectiveness as well as the User Experience domains.

This App does collect data and it is therefore assessed and scored based on its performance in all the sections of our review.

Data Privacy
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Clinical Assurance
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User Experience
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Developer description
After a knee injury to the ACL or anterior cruciate ligament you need physical therapy for rehabilitation exercises. Our app was designed by a physical therapist with 17 years of experience working with athletes and non-athletes after ACL injury, surgery or ACLS and those who rehabilitate their knees without surgery. The physical therapist understands the challenges that occur after ACL tear or rupture and after orthopaedic surgery. This is why the app provides simple video guided exercises for each stage of recovery to help relieve pain, restore mobility, increase strength and eventually resume normal workouts and sports. This app provides the right rehab designed by a physio using research and clinical experience to help recover after an ACL injury. This ACL app has the following features: -Video guided daily exercises for ACL, ACLS (for both a hamstring and patellar tendon graft used for reconstruction of the ACL) or no surgery injury rehabilitation -Guidance through 6 months of rehab for your knee -Daily, weekly and monthly progress tracking after ACL injury and or surgery -The correct strength, stretching, balance, mobility, and sport specific exercises and workouts based on when you injured your ACL or your surgery date -Exercise demonstrations on video by an exercise pro who also had an ACL injury -The ability to measure your knee bending and straightening also called your range of motion. Range of motion for your ACL injured knee should eventually equal your uninjured knees -By simply playing the in app videos the app counts and tracks your reps sets and provides timers for all of your exercises -View goals for each stage after ACL injury and or surgery -The ability to connect remotely with a physical therapist or a physiotherapist near you through Virtual PT -A daily checklist of all the reminders you need after ACL injury or surgery to help relieve your knee pain and restore mobility -Track your compliance rate which measures how well you are keeping up with your physio and rehab exercises -Earn badges to motivate you to complete your exercises and rehab -Set daily notifications to remind yourself of your next session of ACL exercises
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We have identified that this App provides the following key features

General Information
The App provides general information or guidance
Carer Support
The App provides features that help those caring for others
Goal Setting and Gamification
The App allows users to set health and wellbeing related goals and may support games and challenges around achieving that
Alerts And Notifications
The App provides alerts and notifications relevant to its area of focus
Data Sharing
The App allows users to share information in the App with others or other Apps/Systems
Automated Guidance
The App uses the data it has to provide automated advice and guidance about a user's health
Wellbeing Tracking
The App allows users to record relevant wellbeing information either manually or automatically using connected Apps or devices
Online Appointments
The App allows users to make appointments with health and care professionals using online booking

This review area looks at what information an App collects from users, what it does with that information and how secure is its handling of that data. For some Apps this is only a minor issue as they don’t gather much information. Other Apps can gather lots of very personal and sensitive information and for these it is important to know how they go about handling this.

Data Collection

The data collected about users is/ isn't capable of identifying that it relates to them.

The type of data that it collects is classified as sensitive data.

(Identifiable and Sensitive) - Because of the type of data that this App collects it is particularly important that the App takes the security and privacy of that data seriously and only enables others to see or share this information if the user has expressly consented to this.

Data Use

The App does state that it won't share user data in any way with other people without the user's consent.

The App does allow users to share information in the App with other Apps, systems, organisations or users.

Data Security

The App does encrypt the information it collects to make it safe from other people as it is transferred from the App.

The App does encrypt the information it collects to make it safe from other people as it is retained by the the developer.


This review area looks at what evidence there is that there is a suitably qualified professional or organisation behind the App or that it has been endorsed, accredited or underwritten by such an individual or organisation. It also assesses what evidence there is around user testing and the effectiveness of the App in terms of claimed health benefits. The higher the Level of the App and the more sophisticated its functions, the more crucial this becomes.

Professional Assurance

It was clear from our review that a suitably qualified professional or organisation was involved in the Apps development.

It was clear from our review how regularly the advice and guidance given by the App was reviewed and updated by relevant professionals.


It wasn't clear from our review that the App had been involved in any clinical trials or similar testing to demonstrate its 'real world' effectiveness.


This Review Area looks at how an App has been designed to support the overall user experience. This includes its availability on both primary platforms, how customisable the App is, how well it caters for end users with different capabilities and needs – such as visual or other impairments – how content is managed, how well supported the App is and what it costs. This area also looks at overall User Review scores from both platforms.


It wasn'tclear from our review that the App had been through end user testing as part of its design and development.


The App does provide customisable features.

End user capacity

The App does provide support for users with poor sight.

The App does provide support for users with hearing difficulties.


The App does appear to have a clear approach to dealing with user issues.


The App isn't entirely free to use.

We evaluate more apps than anyone, so that you can be aware of the good and bad.

Any score below 65% would indicate that an App has some issues that users should investigate further prior to using this App.

Scores below 45% indicate that an App has considerable issues or challenges and in its current form is potentially unhelpful or unsafe.

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